APEM is a worldwide manufacturer of professional switches, joysticks, LED indicators and switch panels. A switch specialist since its creation, the company sells products to multiple industrial markets including: instrumentation, medical, security, communications, industrial automation, military and transport.
CH Products manufactures several range of joysticks, trackballs and thumbcontrols. Easy to operate and highly reliable, CH Products joysticks are suitable for requirements from thumb & finger operation to full hand grip products. APEM acquired CH Products in 2008, creating one of the largest manufacturers of joystick products worldwide.
Oupiin products primarily the connectors are used in a wide variety of computer, communication, industrial manufacturing and utility equipment and are currently in use by some of the most respected technology companies throughout the world.
Electronic Magnetic Swtch  
Electronic Magnetic Swtch  
E-Stop Switch  
Rocker Switch  
Security Cap  
SMA Cable  
RF Cable  
HDMI Cable  
D-Sub Cable  
USB Serial Cable  
Banana Plug  
Test Probe  
BNC to Banana Plug  
Panel Socket  
BNC to Crocodile  
Microcentronic to IDC  
VGA Cable  
Network Cable  
Flat Ribbon with IDC Connector