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The Company

JFL Electronics was founded in 1985 that specialize in electronic components trading. With our wide product range, it has enabled us to serve customers in various industries - electronics, manufacturing, telecommunication, computer, medical, transport, and aerospace. Our main products include switches, joysticks, indicators, connectors, cables and wires, and cable assemblies.


Company Mission

"Our mission is focus on being the leading electronic components distributing house in supporting MNC manufacturers." 

We strive to continuously obtain more electronic products to further widen our product range and to remain competitive in the vibrant electronics market. Our strategy is to enable our customers to do business with a reputable, reliable and strategic distributor for essentially all their electronic components needs.


Quality Mission

"Our policy is to provide clients with utmost quality parts and related electronic components and services."

At JFL, quality assurance begins with our commitment to supply quality parts from our approved distribution channels network around the world. We take great measures to ensure the success of each transaction from initial offer to final delivery. As a result, our customers can be assured to receive the products they expected.


Customer Service

JFL Electronics believes that our customers are our partners; this is the key factor we had built upon in retaining long-term relationships.


Our staff takes pride in customer care and our services are from our hearts. This has impressed upon our customers our high quality services, and has in these years earned much recognition.


Understanding and successfully addressing each customer’s needs is the overriding mission that drives JFL Electronics services business relationship. Our goal is to provide our customer with the most positive, prompt, and helpful service in the electronics industry.


We value our interaction with you and use them as means to improve our services and systems to meet your ever changing needs. We strive to build and strengthen our customer/distributor relationship with you to ensure mutual success.

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