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JFL Electronics is the APEM distributor in the SEA region. We offer large range of switches, LED indicators, joysticks and industrial controls in different colors, markings, finishes, shapes and dimensions.

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APEM has wide range of switches - toggle, pushbutton, rocker, tactile, DIP and coded rotary, emergency stop, industrial controls, and accessories for your further requirements.

LED Indicators

APEM's indicators range comprises of different panel cut-out sizes, different bezel shapes and terminations. The LEDs are available in many colour options and voltages. 


Beside the wide range of standard joysticks, APEM also offer range of customized joysticks to meet your required specifications.

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Industrial Controls

You can always rely on APEM's industrial controls to keep control of your machines, in full safety. E-stops, switches of different diameters and many lighting and signaling solutions.

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