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High Speed Connector

0.5mm (0.0197") Pitch SMD Type


  • Servers

  • Mobile 5G Networks

  • Consumer


Support speed rates to 21Gbps

Current Rating: Signal: 3A per contact with 3 adjacent contacts (UL).

                          Ground: 25A per contact with 1 contact.

Voltage Rating: 125 VAC

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 525V AC

Contact Resistance: Signal pin 45 mΩ Max. initial.

                                    Ground pin 15mΩ Max. initial.

Insulation Resistance: 5000 MΩ min.

Operating Temperature: -55℃ ~ +125℃

Mating /Un-mating Force:

  Ground pin:

  Mating force: 0.8N/Pin Max. / Un-mating force: 2N/Pin Min.

  Singal pin: 

  Mating force: 0.42N/Pin Max./ Un-mating force: 0.125N/Pin Min.


Contact Retention Force: 3N/Pin Min.

Durability: 250 Cycle.


0.5mm Male Connector


0.5mm Female Connector

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