Tiny, metal bushing, momentary

Miniature, Momentary or latching

Professional miniature, momentary, bushing Ø 10

Mains, latchdown mechanism

Industrial, momentary, or 

alternate action

Tactile, with large actuator

Piezo, bushing Ø 30

Tiny, SMT, washable, momentary

Miniature, washable,

snap-action, mom.

Professional miniature, quick-break momentary

Industrial, anti-vandal and momentary or latching

Tiny, washable, momentary

Miniature, momentary or alternate action

High performance miniature, mom. or alt.

Industrial, momentary,

round plunger

Capacitive for underlay


Two-step, SIL2 safety level

Capacitive, bushing Ø 16, 99, or 22

Miniature, mom. or latch,

illum or not

Piezo, ATEX approved

Large, threaded bushing Ø 22

Subminiature, momentary

Miniature, momentary, or 

alternate action

Miniature, snap-action momentary

Industrial, momentary, snap-in mounting, square plunger

Piezo, bushing Ø 16, 19, or 22




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